National Technology Day

My greetings to India  & the scientist community  & My engineer buddies on National Technology Day, marking the anniversary of the Pokhran Tests of 1998. Tests of 1998 were a victory of technology & the nation’s willpower. Our scientists worked very hard to develop Nuclear Programme.

Fifteen years ago India laid a claim to the nuclear powers’ club membership by conducting nuclear tests at Pokhran, on May 11, 1998. The day, which proved the technical prowess of Indian scientists, is marked as the National Technology Day to inspire young minds to achieve high goals and excel at innovations.

Science City marked the day with a slew of activities, including lectures by eminent scientists and provided a platform to robotics enthusiasts. More than 150 engineering students from across the state participated.


Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers and their proud children !

After writing the title of this post I am not really sure what I will up to in this post. Truly speaking I can’t ever think of my life without my mother.

Beautifully Quoted by Somebody that “Mother hold their child’s hand for a moment and their heart for a Lifetime …”

Actually, I don’t need to describe the role of my Mother in anyone’s life.  Everybody knows it ..both who have or who haven’t 😦

Just want to convey to all my readers that We should also try to give same happiness and service to our mother.

Lets Pledge on the auspicious occasion of Mother’s day that We will give same happiness and service to our Mother.

Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times

Every child is gifted.  They just unwrap their packages at different times
Shubham Bansal with Student of Umang Jaipur

It was when I met some of the students of Umang. I was completely thrilled to see the talent of Its students. They are called special and They justifies it too by their abilities. Every kid in the ‘Umang’ had some talent which made them special.

I personally met one kid whose name was Karan (Not in pic) . He was in 9th standard. He had the knowledge of all the popular operating systems. He was even curious to know about Hacking the popular and highly secured websites like Google, Facebook etc. He had one other quality, He was a great rapper too. He called himself YO YO Honey Singh. We also started calling him so after listening to his rap. He was truly amazing. I will remember him throughout my life. He showed me the path to success, i.e., When There is a will There is a way”.