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People of India wins !

India wins !

Today on 16th May 2014, India have witnessed historical General Elections 2014 results. India gave Clear majority to BJP with more seats than the required 272 seats. It means they have gave clear majority to PM candidate of NDA Narendra Modi who led the Indian state of Gujarat to Development heights & set up the Gujarat model. Now, the people across the Country voted him on the basis of his Gujarat model. And Narendra Modi will be the next Prime Minister of India.

It was a clear ‘Modi Wave’ or May I say the Modi Tsunami in the General Elections result 2014. I personally had predicted that NDA will get 300 – 310 seats but It was clearly a miracle or the trust of people in Narendra Modi that they gave clear majority to any single party (BJP) after 30 years. And they won all seats in many states like NCT of Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan and many more states.  And they won historical 73 seats in UP which has the most number of constituencies in India (80).

In the end I must say that It is not the win of only Modi, BJP or NDA, Its the win of People of India.


Lord Buddha’s Birthday

On Buddha Purnima (Full Moon Day) , we bow to the venerable Lord Buddha, whose teachings have guided the entire humanity for centuries. 

We pledge our commitment to world peace, non-violence & service to humankind, ideals that were very close to Lord Buddha.1907335_269281879917639_2939160345622274121_n


Shubham Bansal at Buddha Temple in Thailand
Shubham Bansal at Buddha Temple in Thailand

National Technology Day

My greetings to India  & the scientist community  & My engineer buddies on National Technology Day, marking the anniversary of the Pokhran Tests of 1998. Tests of 1998 were a victory of technology & the nation’s willpower. Our scientists worked very hard to develop Nuclear Programme.

Fifteen years ago India laid a claim to the nuclear powers’ club membership by conducting nuclear tests at Pokhran, on May 11, 1998. The day, which proved the technical prowess of Indian scientists, is marked as the National Technology Day to inspire young minds to achieve high goals and excel at innovations.

Science City marked the day with a slew of activities, including lectures by eminent scientists and provided a platform to robotics enthusiasts. More than 150 engineering students from across the state participated.

Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times

Every child is gifted.  They just unwrap their packages at different times
Shubham Bansal with Student of Umang Jaipur

It was when I met some of the students of Umang. I was completely thrilled to see the talent of Its students. They are called special and They justifies it too by their abilities. Every kid in the ‘Umang’ had some talent which made them special.

I personally met one kid whose name was Karan (Not in pic) . He was in 9th standard. He had the knowledge of all the popular operating systems. He was even curious to know about Hacking the popular and highly secured websites like Google, Facebook etc. He had one other quality, He was a great rapper too. He called himself YO YO Honey Singh. We also started calling him so after listening to his rap. He was truly amazing. I will remember him throughout my life. He showed me the path to success, i.e., When There is a will There is a way”.