Dandiya Night at College :D

Shubham Bansal in Dandiya Night at BIT Mesra, Jaipur Campus ! ! !

This picture is of my second Dandiya Night at my college. These were the major things which happened in our college During the Dandiya Night.

Based on your Dandiya, people know how great a dandiya raas dancer you are.

Colourful, wooden dandiyas: Traditional. This means you know your shit.

Thin, long, metal dandiyas: You’re jazzy and have started catching on.

Metal dandiyas with a hole for the finger: You’re new at this, you still don’t know how to spin them so you chose a beginners version.

If you don’t know how to Garba, your friends will make it their life’s mission to teach you the basic steps of do-taali, teen-taali and dodhiyu!

The post  Garba hunger can leave even the most well stocked kitchen empty. Chat wala’s, pan parlours, dhabas and Pao Bhaji wallas all dance their way to the bank.

Loss of a few fingers is a small price to pay for a night of awesomeness.(till you go to work and everything hurts)

Great Night ! Awesome Fun ! That’s few I can say about the dandiya night at BIT.


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